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HOUR (Payroll/HR Software Solutions Company. Zilina, Slovakia. Approx. 60 employees. Founded 1993) HOUR is a provider of payroll and HR management software solutions targeted towards mid-size and corporate companies

Case Study

HOUR has approximately 60 employees, and is on the market roughly 20 years

They had an active 3 person sales team, but wanted to standardize the sales process that the salespeople used for several reasons:

  • to make the sales process more controllable and measurable
  • to be able to predict sales results better
  • to better compensate the salespeople for their effort
  • to have to good base for implementing new salespeople in the future

We analyzed their existing sales process and made some of their steps more effective:

  • more channels in lead generation
  • created a step-by-step guideline for calling on – approaching clients (via email, phone, personally)
  • introduced a so-called qualification meeting before the presentation
  • tailored the presentations to the clients’ needs
  • made a sample presentation and practised with salespeople (video-lab)
  • developed follow-ups for presentations
  • created a process for closing deals by asking for a meeting
  • introduced no-pressure closing method
  • created a process for asking for referrals

The result was an increase in both meetings and completed deals.

Also as a result, HOUR requested that we helped them create their new marketing strategy to help bring in more good leads for their salespeople.

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