Our mission is to help companies transform their great tech solutions into controllable sales and business results. 

We do this in different ways tailored to your situation – by implementing custom sales processes and strategies, identifying optimal sales channels, building teams and scaling, automating sales, and a range of other services.

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Sales is a learned skill - it's nothing you are born with! First you have to learn the processes of sales and the technical skill.

The idea is analogous to the classic R&D process. What we help out with is building and testing the sales process in parallel with the product development.

We help you test both, and create an optimal strategy for your product/service to be sold and scaled most efficiently.

We help out with building a full-structure strategy of B2B sales, implementing a variety of tools, and combining the data from those sources to a single connected business intelligence tool for higher efficiency sertanty on taken decisions.

Simple experience in the sales field often isn’t enough to bring in results, build trust and negotiate contracts. We help find, hire and onboard the best candidates so you bring in results faster.

When creating an efficient sales strategy, we focus not only on different steps of the strategy - but also on how to optimize and automate it. The end result is saving a lot of time, money and stress.

What we help with is creating an efficient lead generation process tailored to the target group’s needs, building sources of leads compliant with local regulations and creating channels to approach them to open opportunities for product /service demonstrations.

What we do is take on the sales management or even the entire sales operations as an outsourced team. We run prospecting, meetings, negotiations, leadership, team recruitment, sales analytics and more, so you can focus on creating and delivering the perfect product to your client.

Our mission is to help each tech (and B2B) company transform their great technological solutions into controllable sales and business results by implementing tailored sales processes, strategies, operations, building teams and identifying optimal sales channels.

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