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Email response rates kinda…weak? Ever feel like you are just shooting spam into space? Does it feel like your sales outreach emails are just…missing something?

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Why is there city not country search?

We focus on cities rather than countries because 1) people tend to know one another in a geographic area – and names are key to connecting, 2) if you have a key client in one city, it’s quite possible you’ll visit that city at some point, and 3) this gives a tighter focus** to stand-alone campaigns and the messaging you/we use (*”I’m speaking with CEOs of fintech companies in Austin” sounds more focused and deliberate than “I’m speaking with CEOs of fintech companies in Texas” or “…in America”)*.

What does "3 months, 6 months" etc. mean?

This is is the time frame in which the offers were posted – within the last 3 months, 6 months, etc. For the freshest offers, choose shorter time frames, and expand to longer time frames to see more offers total.

Can I search multiple technologies simultaneously?

Yes. Simply add each individually in the technologies search box. You can search for results containing 2, 3 or more technologies in one job offer.

Why do you not give me the contact person name?

Knowing that a company is searching for help is only one part of the process. The next question is, who should I contact? Is it better to contact the CEO, COO, CTO, or Biz Dev Director? Does the answer depend on the size of the company? Does it depend on the type of company? These are all questions to look at on an individual basis when designing your campaign and message – which may vary depending on the target persona.

LeadTracker gets you pointed in the right direction – but you still have to have a well-thought through outreach strategy, clear message, and structured sales process to get best results. Need help in those areas? We’d be happy to share some ideas. [also link to blog post?]

In what situations can I use LeadTracker?

LeadTracker is meant to be used in multiple situations.

Let’s say you’ll be in City X visiting one of your current clients, and you know you’ll have some extra time. Why not set up a few sales meetings with other companies using a tech stack that you specialize in? LeadTracker’s City search feature is ideal for this, increasing your efficiency on that business trip.

Or, let’s say you simply want to target a potential type of company in a given country or city – it’s easier to design and convert* a campaign which is targeted to a specific area, rather than one that broadly blankets multiple industries across an entire country. [*except – can’t filter by industry yet…]

Or let’s say you’ve got a set of clients in one location and want to expand – either a different physical location or a different type of technology. LeadTracker’s search filters make this easy***[not sure about this one]

LeadTracker can be used to accentuate your other sales channels and lead sources. Maybe you get a good number of referrals and recommendations – but when they come to you is unpredictable. Having a steady source/stream of fresh leads is the cornerstone/basis of a solid outbound sales strategy which will bring more stability and predictability to your business. [link to blog post – why have an outbound sales strategy*]

LeadTracker comes in handy in a lot of situations – either as the core of a lead gen strategy or as another channel to accentuate your current efforts/situation/sources*.

Who is LeadTracker for?

LeadTracker is for sales teams, Lead Gen professionals, Business Development people, CEOs who have to wear multiple hats (including sales), startup founders, and more. Not sure how to start? We’d be glad to touch base and offer some ideas***.

Ok, I've got some leads. So what next?

Great! So a good campaign has several parts. It’s important to have a good understanding of who you’re trying to reach. Knowing a target persona’s roles and responsibilities helps us to better know potential needs. This in turn helps to create a Key Selling Point (something like a value proposition) – the short message describing the value you offer.

You’ve also got to have a well-structured, concise email containing certain key elements to increase your chances of a response.

You’ll also need additional follow-up emails for those prospects who do not respond to the first one, and a plan on when to deploy them. It’s also good to have well-crafted emails for those who do respond – but with requests for more information, expressing that they’re not interested*, etc.

That’s just the beginning though. What do you do at the meeting? How to run an effective qualification meeting? Should it be in person or is over Skype okay? Should you have your Skype camera on, or is it okay to do a call with audio only? How to make an initial connection? How to start to build trust? What questions should you ask in the meeting to find a need or pain? How to create an effective buying atmosphere? And just what is a buying atmosphere, for that matter?

Beyond the qualification meeting, you also want to make sure you have a good sales process with clear steps and repeatable, measurable actions, so you know where you’re headed after prospects agree to a qualification meeting and beyond. For more on that read our sales process guide*, or talk to us.

(Create email/cycle of sale flow)

How do I increase my chances of getting a response? (this can link to an article - a number of the FAQs can)

Having leads is one thing, getting replies and beginning a conversation is another.

Writing a good email or other message* is key to starting this process.

Remember the key parts of a good sales outreach email: 1) Personalized 2) Good subject line 3) Short 4) Each line keeps you reading to the next 5) Clear Call to Action.

For more on how to create these emails, see our articles on 12 Little Things Your Cold Emails Must Have and 4 Questions Your Emails Must Answer To Get A Meeting.

How do I keep the emails I send out of spam?

Be sure to personalize your emails, send from a personal email account (one with your name on it)*, write a good subject line, and avoid spam trigger words (“Great offer”; “incredible deal”; “act now”; etc.) For tips on how to write a strong email that gets responses, bang it here.

Should I call or email my leads?

We recommend a series of emails or other messages (LinkedIn, etc) first, before changing the channel to a call. Read more here.

What does "number of tech job offers" mean?

This is the number of actual job offers posted by that hiring company. A single offer may actually be in search of more than one person to fill a given position (e.g. we need several developers who know x language for a new project, but only posting one offer to hire say 3 people).

What does the [link] (that some offers have) go to?

This takes you to the company website or profile (if available?**). You can begin your company research at the site and continue on to other sources such as LinkedIn in order to decide which key person(s) to contact, what message to send, etc.

How can I get more leads?

There are several ways to get more leads!

Share Leadtracker with a friend – If you share this link with a friend and he joins, you’ll get xx free leads.

Give feedback – During our beta period, all users who give feedback after using up their initial 50 free leads, will get another 50 at no charge.

Buy more – We’ve got several packages so you can keep your leads flowing. The more you buy, the lower the per-lead price.

How can I become a LeadTracker partner?

You can earn while promoting LeadTracker to your partners, colleagues and clients. Contact us here and we’ll set you up with some easy ways to do that*.

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